Airpulse PK™ - The Automatic Wheelchair Cushion System

The Airpulse PK wheelchair cushion system is Aquila Corporation's most dynamic cushion system. It was designed to be the most advanced solution to help prevent and heal pressure ulcers.

The patented Airpulse PK is an automatic pressure relieving device that ensures adequate pressure relief and blood flow. Alternate cells of the cushion are automatically inflated and deflated to the desired firmness on an adjustable timed cycle. This action changes pressure contact points and stimulates circulation to the compressed tissue. Circulation is maintained to all areas of the posterior so the primary cause of skin breakdown is eliminated.

Each and every Airpulse PK wheelchair cushion system is custom made to order to address the client's specific needs. We have taken on many challenging situations with remarkable results. Clinical case results and customer feedback have proven this product to be effective and doctors frequently recommend the Airpulse PK for use by their patients.

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Three Airpulse PK Models

  1. Standard Battery Model: powered from its own rechargeable battery source, it will operate for up to 40 continuous hours per charge.

  2. Power Chair Model: powered from the 24-volt power chair batteries only.

  3. Hybrid Model: powered from either the 24-volt power chair battery or its own battery source with the flip of a switch.

The System

The Airpulse PK wheelchair cushion system is preprogrammed and ready to operate when delivered.  The system includes the custom made cushion, cushion cover, controller with cover, battery charger (if applicable), and a one year warranty. See Product Diagram PDF for details.

The Cushion

Airpulse PK wheelchair cushion system designed to prevent and heal pressure ulcers.The Airpulse PK cushion is made of soft but durable Neoprene (no latex) and has a series of air cells. The cells are shaped to fit the contours of the body for comfort and support. They are also reinforced with internal air bladders to ensure long service life. (See Durability Test Results) The two ischial air cells are attached to the cushion base with Velcro enabling them to be easily repositioned if needed.  Alternating air cells are capable of being inflated and deflated at different pressure levels and for varying times for maximum pressure relief where and when you want.

Because every Airpulse PK wheelchair cushion system is custom made, the cushion can be built to whatever size works best for the client's needs.  In other words, no standard sizes, but rather the correct size.  The Airpulse PK cushion can support weights in excess of 400 pounds and bariatric sizes can be made.  Cushion sizes larger than 22" wide or 22" deep have an additional fee.

If the client has a current pressure sore, we may customize the cushion with a convertible cell so there will be virtually zero upward pressure directly under the sore until complete healing is achieved (see Pressure Maps). Once the sore is healed, the cell is integrated back into normal operation in just seconds.

Even with the specialization involved in custom building every system, the product is typically built and shipped within a few days of receipt of order.

The Controller


Airpulse PK ControllerThe control module of the Airpulse PK provides the mechanism to operate the cushion's unique air cell configurations.  The controller contains the micro-processor, control panel, air pump and battery (if applicable).  It is portable, quiet, weighs less than two pounds and the easy-mount cover can be fastened to the armrest, back, or other parts of the chair.  Depending on the model, the controller is powered either by an internal battery or directly from the powerchair batteries. 

The controller gives the user or caregiver a wide range of firmness and cycle time settings, and adjustments can be made with the touch of a button - making it fully adjustable to adapt to the client's future needs.  The two sets of air cells can be set to completely different inflation/deflation cycle times to address pressure relief needs for different posterior locations.

Optional Accessories

All Airpulse PK wheelchair cushion systems include customized cushion with stretch cover, pre-programmed controller with cover, battery charger with the Battery or Hybrid Models, and a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Aquila does offer the following optional accessories:

Deluxe Remote Control
Airpulse PK ControllerDeluxe RCThe Airpulse PK system can be completely operated with the use of the Deluxe Remote Control with LCD display. This remote eliminates the need to access the control box to operate or change settings. Although the Airpulse PK controller is small and lightweight, it might make sense for some to store or mount the controller out of the way or out of site. The remote control easily connects to the controller with a coil cord and includes all of the same functions as the control box itself including power switch, cycle time selections and firmness settings. The Deluxe remote also has a built in low pressure and low battery audio alert. The Deluxe Remote Control is moisture resistant, small (2.5" wide x 5" long) and can easily be mounted on any part of the chair with the convenient Velcro strap. The LCD screen on the remote lights up when the system is turned on.

Mini Remote Control Mini Remote Control
The Mini Remote Control (1.5" wide x 2" long) is smaller than the Deluxe Remote and offers only the basic functions of power switch and visual low pressure alert system.

Moisture Control Unit
The Moisture Control Unit or MCU is an add-on unit designed to help keep the user's posterior cool and dry.  The MCU utilizes a small fan that forces a high volume of air between the cells of the cushion allowing this air to permeate up through the breathable cover keeping the skin of the posterior cool and dry and helping to prevent skin
maceration.  The MCU comes in a pouch-like cover which is attached through the front of the cushion.  The small power cord is placed inside and through the cushion cover so it is out of the way and the MCU plugs directly into the Airpulse PK system control box.  Every time the cushion system controller comes on to pump air into the normal operation of the cushion, the MCU fan will turn on and provide ventilation.  The fan is quet, yet powerful, and can easily be turned off by simply disconnecting the small plug from the controller.  The MCU can also be detached completely from the cushion without affecting the normal operation of the cushion system itself.  The MCU uses only a small amount of energy (.38 amps) and will not affect normal system operations or require more frequent charging.

Incontinence Cover
Every Aquila cushion system comes with a stretchable, breathable and washable cover for the cushion. However, incontinence covers in any size are also available.

Extended Warranty
The Airpulse PK cushion system comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. A one-year warranty extension can be purchased either at the time of the initial order or anytime within one year of the original system purchase. Both the original and extended warranties cover all parts and labor.

Customized Solution

The Airpulse PK is not an “off the shelf” product. Each Airpulse PK cushion system we build is tailored to match the specific needs of the individual client. We have years of experience in designing the most appropriate systems for difficult seating situations. We gather information on the client such as weight, location of any existing and past history of any pressure sores, the type of chair used by the client, and any special situations such as compensating for pelvic lean, high level amputations, MS patient with severe pelvic obliquities and patients with acute Stage IV pressure sores. Then we program the controller and build the cushion for optimal effectiveness. The Airpulse PK system has also helped reduce recovery time for post flap surgery patients.


The Airpulse PK has a low pressure audible and visual alert. The cushion will not deflate if the battery should become fully discharged or the unit is turned off. The cells also have foam insert to guard against bottoming out in the unlikely event that the cushion should become damaged and lose air.

System Features

  • Up to nine cushion pressure selections for desired firmness
  • Adjustable cycle time settings from one to nine minutes
  • Light-weight control module weighing less than 2 lbs.
  • Run time of up to 40 hours per battery charge
  • Positive ventilation during each cycle to keep skin dry
  • Bottom-out safety prevention
  • Low noise level of 15 decibels while pumping
  • Ischial cell flexibility...easily moved around to fit your physical needs


Demo Program

Airpulse PK in chairBefore making a full purchase decision, Aquila offers a demo plan for you to trial the Airpulse PK for yourself, and the best part, the system will be custom made just for the client's specific needs. See letter below.

My offer to you......try our custom made product!

Aquila has assisted hundreds of people worldwide to help heal their pressure sores and prevent new sores from forming. Often times, before using our Airpulse PK, the client had been confined to bed with pressure sores. We helped them, and there is a very high likelihood that we can help you or your loved one too.

I am so confident that our Airpulse PK wheelchair cushion system can show significant improvement to your pressure sore situation, that we offer a special Demo Program. For a modest fee, we will custom make a cushion system specifically tailored to your unique situation and programmed to match your physical characteristics, maximizing the potential for success.

We will ship this system directly to you for trial. If you don't agree that your Airpulse PK has been beneficial by day 15, you can send the custom built system back with no further obligation. Let us help you improve your quality of life, because we care!

Steve Kohlman
President, CEO
Aquila Corporation

Customer Support

Our customer service representatives are available to answer any questions prior to ordering or should you have questions after you receive your system. We back our product up with a service department that strives for same day turnaround should any repair or retrofitting be needed.


The Airpulse PK cushion system is available here at Medical Mobility International.

The Airpulse PK is on the Veteran's Administration GSA FSS government contract.



Airpulse PK


New and Improved State of the Art Controllers!

16 inch airpulse pk wheelchair cushion 18 inch airpulse pk wheelchair cushion

Power Chair Model



Power Chair Model with Remote



2o inch airpulse pk wheelchair cushion 18 inch airpulse pk wheelchair cushion

Double Battery Model




Hybrid Model




Standard Sizes for the Airpulse:
15” wide 15” deep
16” wide 16” deep
18” wide 17” deep
18” wide 18” deep
20” wide 20” deep
Custom sizes available


The Airpulse PK is an automatic alternating pressure relief cushion. It provides true pressure relief to all areas of the posterior by having alternate cells inflate and deflate together.

There are four models of Airpulse PK to choose from.

The Standard Double Battery Model- powered from its own double battery source it will operate for well over 35 hours (continuous) per charge. (Run tests performed under load showed that a single charge powered the system for over 6 days at 10 hours per day.)

The Power Chair Model (powered from the 24 volt wheelchair batteries only)

The Hybrid Model (powered from either the 24-volt wheelchair batteries or its own single battery)

The pad will last for years, unlike foam or plastic pads which need to be regularly replaced or may be easily punctured. The cells cradle the posterior and follow the natural contours of the body. This is the optimal design for giving the user the greatest possible comfort and support. The pad is easily cleaned with a mild detergent and sponge.

The control module is small and lightweight weighing less than 2 lbs (for the double battery model). It is completely self -contained and portable so it can be positioned almost anywhere on the wheelchair or easily moved from chair to chair. The high tech batteries will power the Airpulse PK for well over 35 hours and there is no battery memory so you can recharge at any time. The sound level of the pump is only 15 decibels at 2 feet.

The Airpulse PK is a fully customized system with inflation level, cycling action and even the pad able to be customized.

As your pressure relief needs change the Airpulse PK is able to adapt to those changes.

   We can also customize the pad to handle specific seating problems. We understand anatomy and the special seating challenges faced by wheelchair users. As needed, our design team will develop a custom pad configuration to meet your specific needs. We are experts at providing unique seating solutions.

   The Airpulse PK has proven hundreds of times to be the most effective seating device on the market, Period. Its no wonder physicians routinely prescribe the Airpulse PK.


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